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eMediaFinder is available as a Wordpress plugin
Published 31 Days ago by Dienekeschaeffer |
The eMediaFinder WordPress plugin allows you to centralize all your media with a full digital asset manager. Upload all your high resolution images to your gallery and automatically create custom image sizes for your website.

- Add an unlimited number of images to your gallery
- Create albums and categories with customizable user permissions
- Convert your images size preferences on the fly

All your files in one place. The best professional gallery builder for your Wordpress website.
Road Map
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eMedia Finder.com

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To pioneer autonomous online and mobile media file libraries owned and operated by artists, film makers and designers. Using an open source platform ensures media files remain perpetually accessible without any terms, conditions or censorship.


We provide photographers, editors and cinematographers a scalable media search platform accessible from a mobile app, desktop or any web browser to quickly find specific media files from among millions of possible records.
eMediaFinder helps speed up the time it takes to store and find files again using advanced AI to automatically tag photos, video or audio along with all related.


Help businesses to never lose their media files again
Help web editors publish articles and include relevant images or videos
Help marketing departments recycle and repurpose existing creations into new creations
Offer mobile access for digital nomads to quickly find a file from their phone
Provide media archiving for Universities to curate and search large media libraries for educators and students


Track all related user business data such as Project, Product details, People or Event details eMediaFinder helps speed up the time it takes to store and find files again (Businesses)

Support a single source of high quality media files than can be simultaneously distributed within any Web Platform such as Wordpress or Drupal or others (Web editors)

Use advanced AI to automatically tag photos, video or audio (Marketing departments)
Support media sharing to all Social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram (Digital nomads)

Fast page loading using our own low cost distribution of images or videos across a world wide network of web servers (Universities)


Two Mobile Developers
Web Site Administrator
Designer Focused on Usability
Java Architect

Free 100GB of storage and no SLA
$99/month for 1 TB with SLA
$50/month more per TB of extra disk space

Alfred Music needs a desktop solution ASAP
Holden Davis and Jason as cinematographers
Wordpress users need a better shared media upload and CDN